Wednesday, 4 January 2012

ZeA - By Zeeya Asaria

N18 - Rs.600
Neckpiece + Earrings

N15 - Rs.350
Quilling pendant

N07 - Rs.400
A Short Neckpiece of Chains

N22 - Rs.1200
Pearl + Diamonte Neckpiece

N09 - Rs.700
A Two Way Wearable Medium Sized neckpiece

N03 - Rs.350
Long Neckpiece

N05 - Rs.600
A Short Neckpiece

B01 - Rs.1000
A Metal Belt - Beads In The Front And Chains At The Back

N01 - Rs 550
Safety Pin Neckpiece

E03 - Rs.350
Chains+ Pearls Earrings

H02 - Rs.175/pair
Bow Hair Clips

K01 - Rs.250
Chains+ Pearls Bracelet

E05 - Rs.250/pair
medium Sized Earrings

E14 - Rs.200
A Set Of 3 Pairs Of Earrings

W01 - Rs.1000
Diamonte + Chains watch

E13 - Rs. 250
Diamond Earrings

C01 - Rs.250
Quilling Brooch (Made To Order)

Hey Guys!!!! Zeeya is a very dear friend of mine and i did this shoot for her first collection as an accessory designer..It was an honor and privilege....It basically started as the contrivance of a lovely mother-daughter duo. ZeA is a line of enthralling Fashion Jewellery and accessories with a touch of elegance and style.... Unique, hand-made jewellery, crafted with sterling silver, semi-precious stones, knotted linen,chains, beads, and more... This is just a preview of her collection.. There's lots more.. To check out the rest of the collection you can visit her blog at ..... Hope you like this post...please do send in your reviews and follow Stairway2Fashion to stay updated....!!!

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  1. Wow!!! They r all sooo pretty! i really want the Quilling pendant and chains+pearls bracelet...