Sunday, 22 January 2012

Crocodile In The House!!!!

Top- Colaba Causeway, Blazer-ZARA, Jeggings- ONLY, Crocodile Bag- From Nigeria (Africa), Shoes- H&M, Necklace- ZARA, Shades- Charles & Keith

This is A LITTLE UNUSUAL because I never ever wear pink (I am talking about clothes)...As you might know one of my fashion-passion is to mix and match various colors. The colour block trend, by the way, has always been my favourite. So why never try out pink? Well simply because of the too obvious connotation with Barbie. Perhaps to some of you this may sound like something not important at all, but I have always disliked the over-girly looks that have absolutely nothing subtle. I found it quite sad to avoid a colour like that, so I decided to take up the challenge and to wear pink in casual and stylish way. When I saw this Zara blazer, it directly popped into my eyes. So, I wanted to pair it with very neutral shades, mainly black or navy blue and white. That way the pink really stands out. Moving on to the Bag.... It was the center of attraction the entire day...Everyone just kept staring at it and some were totally scandalized... It was purchased by my dad while he was in Nigeria around 8-9 years back..A whole baby crocodile is used to make the bag (creepy.....) Hope you like this post...please do send in your reviews in the comment box below and follow Stairway2Fashion to stay updated....!!!

Clicked By - David Remedios




  1. omg................the bag is insane.....

  2. u look amazinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the bag must have costed u a bomb...