Monday, 28 November 2011

Amidst the Woods.......

Shirt- Colaba, Belt- Vero Moda, Jeggings- Mango, Shoes- Catwalk, Earrings- ALDO, Watch- Cynthia Rocky

Hello World!!!!! My adulation towards shirts goes way beyond just love. I strongly recommend them to being as strong a component in the wardrobe must-have department. They are like an obsession and i just cant get enough...This floral shirt has always been my favorite!!! Coming to the accessories, i am barely wearing anything.. Just this amazing watch that i dug out of my moms closet (When in doubt - look into your moms closet. No, honestly - You will find things that you never thought you would)....Hope you like this post...please do send in your reviews and follow Stairway2Fashion to stay updated....!!!

Clicked By - David Remedios