Saturday, 26 March 2011

Timeless Florals

Dress- Forever New, Shoes- ZARA, Chain- Colaba Causeway,

Not only is floral doing wonders for garments but also is a huge hit with accessories. Rings, Clutches, Shades, Shoes, Scarves etc. are hot selling accessories. But a personal advice from us: Dont go over the top with floral & make it a complete mess by teaming them up with floral printed garments, its disastrous & you dont want to go out there looking like a bouquet.

As the Summer Season arrives, the temperatures are rising to a whole new level. The scorching heat is driving everyone completely insane!!! In our next few posts we would like to show you the different prints that are very much in vogue this summer.
We have developed a fondness towards Floral Prints.The colors and prints are so vibrant, it just brings about such a wonderful wibe in the air. Floral prints are super fun & it can be done on almost every garment be it skirts, t-shirts, shrugs, dresses, leggings etc.. So this summer lets just be fabulous & bring out the vibrant floral side :)




  1. Ayesha.. Your SHOESSSS! Love them :D

  2. mwah mwah mwah this blog jst keeps gettin better each tym i view it gr8 work swthrts
    luv ya <3

  3. Hey.. Nice post guys.. Was directed here by Farah's FB links, and have been hooked..

    Keep at it!
    And this post makes me sooooo crave for flowers!

  4. U guys r going gr88888.... Keep it up.. I luvd each n every bit of it.. Dis blog is improvin with every new post! Luv u guys.. Mwah ashu..!! :D :*

  5. Found d collection nice n appreciable.try n incorporate sum more aquatic floral colours in it.

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  7. keep up the good work........

  8. wow...loved the the three outfits...wished forever 21 & zara was here in blore...